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Huntsman developed iroprint materials to cover different 3D technologies

American chemical manufacturer Huntsman announced the creation of an additive manufacturing platform dedicated to material development. These materials cover all three types of 3D printing technology, as the company will design filaments, resins and powders. These polyurethane (TPU) materials should be sold under the brand iroprint and will meet the needs of the additive manufacturing industry. They will be officially unveiled at k exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from October 16 to 23, which is one of the largest plastic and rubber exhibitions

the development of additive manufacturing technology has brought significant development of materials. More and more technical solutions and customized products are more suitable for the industry. It is not meaningless for most major chemical groups to enter the market by creating their own businesses. For example, akoma has created its own 3D printing solution platform to accelerate the introduction of innovative 3D printing materials

iroprint is a polyurethane material, so it has good flexibility. Huntsman said that it hopes to enter the footwear and sports market, and additive manufacturing can meet the growing personalized demand. Ultimately, it should target more industries and look for other application scenarios. The company's international development director step dynamometer main bearing is not allowed to refuel. Hane peysson added: "we are committed to this innovation, respond to the new needs of additive manufacturing industry with an overall solution, and provide services to end users with all stakeholders in the industry."

this series is divided into three different series, each of which meets the needs of 3D printing technology. Iroprint P is composed of high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powder and is specially designed for SLS technology. Iroprint r includes flexible and durable liquid resins that can be printed on SLA and DLP machines. Finally, iroprint f includes high-performance TPU plastic filaments designed for all extrusion technologies. All three product groups have good wear resistance, tear resistance and high elongation at break

step believe Hengxu hane total smart energy (600869) announcement concluded: "we believe that the introduction of iroprint material portfolio fills the existing gap in the additive manufacturing market. Our product series has complete functions, durable and more flexible, economical and easy to print, no matter which printing technology you prefer."

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