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Huntsman actively participates in the European FRP transportation infrastructure project

Huntsman advanced materials has become a member of the European trans ind project, which is the industrialized production of transportation infrastructure using FRP materials

the 4-year trans ind project is funded by the European Commission and involves 21 partners from 9 EU countries, including builders, machinery manufacturers, material suppliers, engineering societies, universities and research centers

The main objective of the trans ind project is to develop a knowledge-based FRP component industrialization system with variability, cost-effectiveness, good performance, sustainability for the transportation infrastructure sector through the complete integration of the whole production process

the system involves the use of machinery, which greatly extends the application life and stability! In the long run, FRP based materials have developed conceptual models and modular designs for various types of components, including remote manufacturing, logistics, transportation, on-site assembly, and processing. This is common in other places. 2) internal rib joints with the following specifications of equipment to meet the application of external rib samples with the same specifications: M8 × 1, M11 × 1, M14 × 1, M16 × 1, M22 × 1, M32 × 1; There is no way to meet a process of ICT tools

composite bridge components

the types of traffic components include roads and pedestrian overpasses, underpasses, containment walls, sound barriers and safety barriers. Due to the high complexity of bridge component manufacturing and assembly, the project will first focus on composite bridge components

"fiber reinforced plastic substrates have become the preferred material in many transportation infrastructure applications, and further integration of the entire supply and value chain is necessary," said Klaus Ritter, head of transportation in Huntsman

Huntsman's role in this project is to define, develop and supply resin systems for adhesives for composite components and parts assembly

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