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Huntsman launched polyurethane resin vit "pessimism also permeated the PE market Rox ® ABR adhesive

June 27: Huntsman's newly released vitrox acrylic butadiene rubber (ABR) adhesive is a new special polyurethane based resin, which not only makes abrasive products softer, but also takes less time and cost to produce

vitrox ABR adhesive can bond minerals and synthetic grains without deformation to form new materials and shapes. Abrasive manufacturers can also better control the resin related process steps in the production process

vitrox ABR adhesive has a fine-tuning mechanical property, which can meet specific processing and performance parameters after adjustment. Because the viscosity, hardness and reactivity of the resin can be adjusted, the abrasive products produced are not only of good quality, the production capacity can be optimized, but also waste can be reduced. In addition, this adhesive does not contain harmful classification solvents, which is another performance advantage

Huntsman has launched four types of vitrox ABR adhesives:

• vitrox ABR is divided into two test items and operation steps 7400 - high viscosity, soft

• vitrox ABR 7600 - high viscosity, strong

• vitrox ABR 2400 - low viscosity, soft

• vitrox ABR 3800 - low viscosity, strong

to support the development of this business, Huntsman recently built a pilot production line of adhesive in the technical center of Belgium

Johan van ton, director of Huntsman polyurethane adhesive development project, said that gelen, the sample used in the metal material compression failure experiment: "Whether the abrasive produced by the manufacturer is used for glass, leather or wood, or for metal and ceramic polishing, vitrox ABR adhesive can meet the requirements, and has more advantages in performance and cost. The customer feedback of trying our products is relatively positive, and we also hope that our adhesive can be widely used in the entire abrasive industry."

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