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Leveraging the sales market with hunger marketing (2)

javascript:en (ions[lectedindex].value)} "Size=1 name=copartner trade marketing practice! -------------- in the foreign trade road, women's difficulties are all caused by foreign trade! What's the point of eating with customers? Do you choose the right freight forwarder for trade? Letter of credit, open up your foreign trade road and straighten out the relationship between you and customers! Business negotiation, your ability to master the story of five pirates. The success of the above practice tells us that the implementation of" limited price promotion "for famous brands , which is a wise move. First of all, this method makes some competitors who originally wanted to join the industry. It is understood that during the "1035" period, they were frightened by their strange marketing strategies and knew that they could not compete with them in terms of fame, price, quality and so on, so they had to flinch. Secondly, on the basis of reducing large marketing expenses + 1, we can attract repeat customers and maintain sales by virtue of fame and price advantages. Moreover, it helps to extend the golden time for enterprises to make profits and prevent quality decline. In addition, it can also enable enterprises to organize production in a balanced manner, seize the time to develop new products, prevent the gap between old and new products, and reduce the advertising cost of new products

"big production, small release" advertising "hunger" strategy is similar to "hunger marketing". Advertising "hunger" strategy refers to that advertisers or advertising agents deliberately hype in the process of advertising planning, production and communication, create a strong momentum, arouse the audience's expectation and yearning for advertising, and then consciously make a small number of releases in the media. "A glimpse" deliberately puts the audience in a state of information "hunger", prompting them to change from passive acceptance to active search for the advertisement and related information, so as to expand the advertising radiation. Gerry said: "then it can be diluted to the appropriate concentration according to the required mechanical properties, and promote the depth of the influence of the advertisement, then the memory trace will be strong and sustainable for a long time

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