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E-commerce kills physical stores? There is a method that may make the physical stores turn the tables on the winners

Abstract: up to now, we can still hear the rumors that e-commerce kills the offline physical stores, but in any case, the offline physical stores are unlikely to perish, and even the online e-commerce will slowly migrate offline. However, there is one thing that physical stores cannot compare with, that is, the provision of atmosphere, that is, the "shopping experience". To obtain this atmosphere, we have to mention the catalyst of space - lighting

up to now, there are still rumors that e-commerce has killed offline physical stores, but in any case, offline physical stores are unlikely to die out, and even online e-commerce will slowly migrate offline

it is worth mentioning that both physical stores and stores have many similarities, such as business license, service, distribution, procurement, etc

what is more dramatic is that they all need "decoration". Stores need exquisite design to highlight product functions and selling points, while physical stores need to rely on store decoration, commodity display, etc., which can be understood as similar in nature

however, there is one thing that physical stores cannot compare with, that is, the provision of atmosphere, that is, the "shopping experience". To obtain this atmosphere, we have to mention the catalyst of space - lighting

only with light can this space become dynamic and charming, and people want to stay in this space more. Therefore, how to make good use of light to create an excellent shopping atmosphere for the store is what the shopkeeper urgently wants to know

however, the Dow pacxpert flexible packaging technology in physical stores has been highly praised since its inception. Lighting still faces a lot of defects, such as low flexibility of lighting adjustment and high maintenance costs

not only that, the lighting design of many stores is basically unchanged throughout the year, resulting in insufficient differentiation and difficult to obtain the rate of entry

how to solve it

intelligent lighting

in recent years, the word "intelligent" has gradually matured from the initial concept stage, and intelligent products are widely favored. According to the analysis report of the development prospects of China's intelligent lighting industry, China's intelligent lighting market is growing at a rate of doubling every year, reaching a market size of 40billion in 2016 alone

however, there are few enterprises that can truly be intelligent. Most of them simply adjust the color temperature and light color, and the operation is cumbersome, which is not intelligent at all

what can be called real intelligent lighting

in the author's opinion, a qualified intelligent lighting does not mean that controlling all lights together is called intelligence. It must also have "thinking judgment ability" and "memory ability"

Shengdi shangrui intelligent store solution

it is understood that in the Shengdi shangrui intelligent store solution, intelligence is truly "intelligent", and baycusan is added to the formula while reflecting the thinking ability and memory ability? C 1010 enables hair to achieve all-round demands on customers through lighting, music, monitoring and cloud control systems in an extremely wet and dry environment

1. Improve the shopping experience

in the smart store solution of SDI shangrui, the color temperature and brightness of the lights can be adjusted by one key according to the commodity display theme through automatic adjustment of the lights, so as to easily change the store style

create a comfortable shopping atmosphere for customers, extend their stay time, enhance their purchase desire, and stimulate in store sales

according to the playing of music at different times, the perfect combination of light and music can bring more professional and high-grade sound quality. It can make background music for the store, optimize the sound range design, and interconnect with the intelligent lighting system to operate reliably and stably, giving customers a dual sensory experience

2. Reduce operating costs

shangrui LED intelligent lighting system is easy to install and use. The system can effectively improve the lighting effect through the cooperation of reasonable lighting scheme and relevant sensors

the hardware investment and construction and maintenance costs are also lower, which greatly reduces the operation cost of the store

3. Intelligent management

as a shopkeeper, it is necessary to understand the real customers and their needs. How many customers have entered the store? What kind of customers? What about sex and age? Where and for how long? With the analysis of these data, the shopkeeper can adjust the sales plan and formulate the promotion plan

in addition, we can analyze and count the number of people in the channel image through the camera, and use face recognition technology to judge the age and gender of the guests in the image

in addition, our drivers will have a broader vision. We can analyze the action modes of employees in the store, improve their work efficiency, save management costs, organically combine the data of customers, employees and product sales, provide more in-depth and meaningful analysis reports, and timely improve market strategies

all these statistical data are instantly uploaded and updated through cloud services. Managers can instantly grasp the market dynamics and respond to marketing strategies. Compared with the traditional outsourcing manpower measurement statistics, these fully automatic impact analysis statistics can provide lower cost and more accurate market data in a long period of time

4. Conclusion

smart lighting will not be limited to home in the future, and commercial lighting will be the largest application field of smart lighting in the future. Therefore, in combination with market demand, SanDisk has launched a new generation of shangrui smart store solutions to create a better shopping experience for consumers and greater business value for merchants

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