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Selection of powder material packaging equipment

with the continuous promotion of nano materials, powder materials are more and more widely used in the food industry. Powders are widely used in milk powder, condiments, additives, beverages and other fields. The packaging specifications of powders range from a few grams to thousands of grams, and the particles of materials range from dozens to thousands of meshes. The effectiveness of experimental machines and the concept of green design are gradually recognized and valued by people. The characteristics of materials are also very different. There are a variety of powder packaging equipment available in the market. How to reasonably choose the appropriate packaging equipment is often very confusing for a food manufacturer. Zhengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years of research experience in powder machinery. The following is a systematic discussion with you in this regard. The reasonable purchase of powder material packaging equipment should start from five aspects: packaging container, packaging material, packaging specification, packaging capacity and material characteristics

1 for the materials (such as milk powder, rice flour, potato flour, solid beverage, etc.) whose packaging material is plastic, the packaging range is from tens of grams to 5kg, the proportion of materials is stable, the variety of materials is relatively single, and a certain production capacity is required, a full-automatic spiral metering, bag making, filling and sealing machine can be selected. This kind of machine unit includes spiral elevator, spiral metering machine, bag making, filling, sealing and packaging machine, material level control system, dust removal system, finished product conveying system, etc. The working process is as follows: the elevator lifts the materials to the bin of the measuring machine, the material level in the bin is controlled by the capacitive material level controller, and then the measuring machine completes the measurement. The bag making, filling and sealing machine completes the functions of forming, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, cutting, printing, electrostatic removal, dust collection, exhaust, punching, weight inspection, transportation and so on. Pay attention to the following problems when purchasing this kind of equipment: elongation>350%:

1.1 measurement is screw measurement. The principle of this measurement is to control the measurement accuracy by controlling the number of turns of the screw. The utility model belongs to a volume method measurement. It is required that the variety of materials cannot be changed frequently and the characteristics are stable. The accuracy of this measurement is generally 1%. If the accuracy is required to be improved, a weight sorter can be configured at the product output end to monitor the weight of the package through the weight sorter. Unqualified products can be eliminated. When the weight exceeds the tolerance, the number of turns of the screw can be adjusted to improve the accuracy

1.2 in order to meet the requirements of GMP standards in the food industry, the packaging system should be easy to clean. The metering bin shall be split type, and the metering screw shall be easy to disassemble. For the lifting of materials, vacuum feeding shall be used as far as possible, and the split screw hoist can be used where vacuum feeding cannot be used

1.3 in order to eliminate the sealing pollution, the machine with electrostatic elimination device and secondary film drawing function shall be selected

1.4 as the requirements of the food industry for packaging types vary widely, attention should be paid to the bag making functions of the selected models, such as box making bags, folding bags, hand-held bags, vertical bags, toothed bags, flat bags, easy to tear openings, etc

1.5 generally, there are three types of screw metering machines, but the combustion performance of polyurethane insulation materials remains at the level of flammable B3 or flammable B2: (1) driven by servo motor; (2) It is driven by stepping motor; (3) It is driven by ordinary motor and clutch. Generally speaking, the cost of the first method is higher, but this method is stable, reliable, low noise and high control precision

2 for bottles, cans and boxes, cjl2000 automatic filling machine can be selected. The filling range of the unit is 10 ~ 200%, and the speed can reach 20 ~ 40 cans/min. if the speed needs to be increased, multi head screw can be considered. Attention shall be paid to the following aspects when selecting such units:

(1) dust removal in order to avoid dust pollution, dust removal devices with recovery function shall be selected; (2) ~tl requires high precision, so the model with weighing bucket at the lower part of the screw can be selected, so the precision can be controlled above 0.5%; (3) In case of container filling overflow, the model with vibration function can be selected; (4) If automatic weight check, metal detection, labeling, capping and other functions are required, corresponding equipment can be automatically connected to the rear of the filling line

3 for the case of small output and more package specifications, a separate screw metering machine can be selected. This is a semi-automatic configuration. The following four aspects should also be paid attention to when selecting this type of machine: (1) the shape and characteristics of the screw. The shape of the screw should be designed according to the characteristics of the material. The pitch and outer diameter of the screw are also different with the characteristics of the material; (2) As the material level in the silo shall be strictly controlled during screw metering, it is best to use it together with the screw elevator

(3) if the material precision is high or the specific gravity of the material is unstable, it is better to select the screw equipped with a weighing machine; (41 for powder materials with large particles or excellent fluidity, screw metering machine should not be used.

4 for bagged materials with a metering range of 5 ~ 50kg, a cjd50k powder weighing unit can be used when the mesh number of materials is below 300 and the dust is small. This unit consists of a feeding bin, a dynamic transmission system, a feeding screw, a weighing bucket, a bag clamping mechanism, a dust return mechanism, etc. its working principle is that two horizontal large and small feeding screws Materials are sent from the silo to the weighing hopper. When the material in the weighing bucket reaches the weighing value of ~1j90% ~ 95%. Large screw stops feeding; When the weighing value reaches 100%, the small screw also stops feeding. Then the weighing bucket door is opened, and the materials are discharged into the packaging bag clamped by the bag clamping mechanism below. After discharging, a weighing process is completed. This type of machine belongs to the weighing machine with weighing bucket. The fastest weighing speed can reach 300 bags/h. The weighing accuracy can reach more than 0.2%. When the material is more than 300 mesh, the dust is large and the fluidity is poor, the weighing machine without weighing bucket should be used. The hopper less weighing machine has no weighing hopper, and the materials are discharged. "Wangdejun, Secretary General of BOPET (biaxially stretched polyester) Special Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, told the China chemical industry news that the height is low, which can avoid the phenomenon of materials sticking to the wall. However, the weighing speed without bucket scale is slow, generally lower than 200 bags/h

5 valve pocket weighing machine. This is a weighing machine using a special self sealing bag. It is widely used for fine powder materials with weighing range of 20 ~ 50kg, particle size of more than 300 mesh and good fluidity, such as cement, calcium oxide, etc. The characteristics of this kind of weighing equipment are: (1) the weighing accuracy is generally less than 0.2%; (2) 32. Poor working environment; (3) The equipment cost is slightly higher. To sum up, we must be careful when purchasing powder material packaging equipment. Comprehensive comparison of various equipment shall be made according to the characteristics of materials and the situation of the enterprise. If conditions permit, try to do some material commissioning


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