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Selection of adhesives for packaging and analysis of common quality problems (Part 2)

currently, the adhesive used for lamination (corrugated and counter mounting) in China is relatively confused, which can be summarized into two categories:

1. Using oxidized starch and sodium silicate adhesive

to improve the added value of products

this kind of adhesive is cheap and sticky, so it is still used in some low-grade packaging and low-cost manufacturers. However, due to its strong alkalinity, Therefore, sometimes the packaging turns yellow, becomes soft, absorbs moisture, becomes brittle, and affects the printing surface of the ink. It is a low-grade viscose that should be eliminated

2. Use polyvinyl acetate lotion modified adhesive

this kind of adhesive is an environmental friendly adhesive with high bonding strength and fast drying. It is now widely used. However, the price is high, and it can be divided into high, medium and low grades. Generally speaking, the higher the price is, the greater the strength is, and the smaller the water content is. This kind of high-quality adhesive is generally used for high-end packaging boxes

the following quality problems occur in the mounting of the joint surface

1 The product is warped. The main reason for this is that the number of sheets pasted is different, and too much glue on the edge of the paperboard has dried and cannot stick. Generally, it is appropriate to press 20 sheets

2. The humidity of the product is too high (especially for the flat stickers of gold cards). The main reason is that the gold card paper has poor water penetration and loss ability, while the ordinary flat adhesive has high water content. We usually use quick drying glue or unfold the product to dry in the sun

each party should join the ranks of "green packaging". 3. The mounted tile or flat pasted product turns yellow after being placed for a long time in the environment with high air humidity. This is mainly because some manufacturers use sodium silicate glue or starch glue containing too much alkali. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of products, we should choose the flat stickers and corrugated adhesives with better quality

4. The delamination of some packaging products is mainly caused by the insufficient strength of the adhesive. It is recommended to select products from some regular manufacturers, which can not only ensure the strength, reduce humidity, increase stiffness, but also improve the quality and grade of packaging products

models and characteristics of commonly used adhesives

1. 810 paper/plastic sealing adhesive

this product has good brushing performance, fast drying speed, flexible adhesive film, good adhesion to the laminating surface or polished surface, high bonding strength, good cold and heat resistance, no crack and brittle adhesive film. Mainly used for edges of paper products, laminating, calendering and other products 9 Speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; Bonding of the mouth and the bottom mouth. It can be applied by hand or machine

2, 812 plastic/plastic sealing adhesive

this product is a solvent-based product, with flexible adhesive film, fast initial bonding speed, good adhesion to the laminating surface or glazing surface, high bonding strength, good cold and heat resistance, no mouth burst, and no brittleness of the adhesive film. It is mainly used for the bonding of edge seams and bottom openings of paper products, laminating, glazing and other products, as well as the bonding of film/film. It is suitable for manual painting and bonding with high requirements

3, 818uv special sealing adhesive

this product has flexible adhesive film, good permeability to the polished surface, high bonding strength and good brushing performance. The product does not burst and the adhesive film is not brittle. It is mainly used for the bonding of multi shuttle boxes such as UV glazing. It can also be used for the bonding of edges and bottoms of paper products and laminating products. It is suitable for hand coating or machine coating

4. Water soluble laminating adhesive

this product is non-toxic and non corrosive. The adhesive film is flexible, with good wettability to BOPP or PE film, good ink extraction effect and good brightness. It has no discoloration reaction with gold ink, and the compound has good solvent resistance and pressure resistance. It is mainly used for laminating printing materials with strong water absorption, such as offset paper, with BOPP and PE. It is suitable for solvent laminating machine and water-based laminating machine

5, 610 paper quick drying adhesive

this product has good initial adhesion and bonding strength, fast curing at room temperature, good film-forming property, low humidity and high stiffness. It is especially suitable for high and middle grade color box flat pasting, color box corrugated automatic machine or manual bonding

6. PVC adhesive

this product has the characteristics of fast bonding speed, high bonding strength, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and no mildew. It is suitable for the bonding of pvc/paperboard, pvc/medium density board, etc. it can also be used for the bonding of color box window adhesive film, etc

7, 614 environmental friendly strong adhesive (water-based)

this product is non-toxic, no odor, no environmental pollution, high strength and fast curing. It is mainly used for edge and mouth bonding of food boxes and other products with high environmental protection requirements, as well as cigarette holder wrapping paper, joint and middle seam bonding of cigarettes

8, 904 single component composite adhesive (solvent type)

applicable to the interlayer adhesion of BOPP or PE polyacetic aluminum film 5pe and BOPP pearlescent film 5pe in the flexible packaging industry

9, 905 two-component polyurethane adhesive

suitable for flexible packaging industry polyester, nylon, polyolefin film, aluminum foil, vacuum aluminum plating film, etc. have excellent adhesion

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