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Selection of domestic mechanical stereoscopic garage manufacturers

selection of domestic mechanical stereoscopic garage manufacturers - Tianma Huayuan Wuhan Office

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original title: selection of domestic mechanical stereoscopic garage manufacturers - Tianma Huayuan Wuhan Office

stereoscopic garage can be said to be a dominant product in the parking industry, providing great convenience for many car owners. More and more three-dimensional garages appear in urban areas, office buildings, shopping malls and other places. There are many types of three-dimensional garages. There are nine common types in the market, of which the most widely used is the lifting and horizontal moving three-dimensional garages, while the household three-dimensional garages that have been hot searched in the past two years are widely concerned

what is a household stereoscopic garage? As the name suggests, this is the most widely used experimental method. It is a three-dimensional garage mainly for families. The three-dimensional garage for families is to make full use of the height space and increase one more parking space in the air through the lifting platform of the vehicle carrying plate. The biggest advantage is that it occupies less land, the parking space is doubled, the structure is simple, and the access to vehicles is convenient. The household stereoscopic garage is one of the stereoscopic parking equipment, which can change the garage from one to two. It is of great help to solve the problem of parking. However, many stereoscopic garage manufacturers are not willing to produce this kind of equipment for the following reasons: first, the household stereoscopic garage is also a special mechanical equipment, and the production, installation and maintenance require relevant qualifications and professional teams, However, the professional maintenance teams of various manufacturers are concentrated in relatively fixed areas, and few of them can provide services throughout the country. From the perspective of three-dimensional garage manufacturers, the scale and strength of domestic three-dimensional garage manufacturers are limited, and the market promotion power is limited. Many car owners still have some obstacles to accept the three-dimensional garage, especially the safety of domestic three-dimensional garage. It is generally believed that the price of three-dimensional garage is high, so it will take a long time to really accept it. In addition, the household stereoscopic garage has a small coverage, limited customers and a small number of purchases, so the manufacturing cost of stereoscopic garage is high, and the price of stereoscopic garage is high, which makes some consumers flinch. At the same time, the customer group of the household stereoscopic garage is relatively scattered, and the income of the household stereoscopic garage is low compared with other large stereoscopic garage projects that are relatively centralized

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