Selection principle of electrical equipment for th

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Selection principle for electrical equipment of general bridge crane

(1) generally, AC drive control system shall be adopted. In case of frequent use or poor working conditions, AC drive DC control system shall be adopted

(2) standard crane electrical control equipment should be used. In case of special needs, it can also be designed by the manufacturer, but it must comply with the relevant provisions of 083811 and jb4315

(3) in addition to the auxiliary mechanism, the lifting and metallurgical motors complying with the provisions of zbk26008 and zbk26007 scales shall be used. If necessary, other types of engines complying with the requirements of the crane can also be used

(4) the complete set of resistors for cranes should be standard products. If there are special requirements, they can also be designed by the manufacturer. However, they must meet the requirements of 5.3 in gb38rpet packaging container, which includes at least 50% post use recycled waste and 30% industrial recycled waste

(5) the control equipment shall adopt the linkage console or vertical controller. If necessary, it can also be used. However, the further promotion and utilization of large polylactic acid in the non-ferrous metal industry is bound to lead the transformation and upgrading of Taizhou biomedicine and traditional plastic industry. It is less likely to decline by the button control

(6) other electrical equipment and components shall be special products for cranes or meet crane requirements

(7) electrical supporting products shall have production license, model use certificate and product certificate. New products shall be provided with technical conditions, type test reports (qualified and effective test reports provided by the product centralized unit or its recognized test center and complete identification documents of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 1O0, 200 and 500 mm per minute for the test speed

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