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At present, to purchase a reasonable house, most people may have already spent most of their savings. In the decoration of housing space, the cost of decoration certainly hopes to be as low as possible. We also have to make careful calculations in the selection of building materials. For the purchase of flooring products, on the basis of high quality, we can still purchase the desired wood flooring at a reasonable price

floor series: Sanshan floor Yipin 1 Series Jinsha Shuian

product advantages: the surface technology is matte crystal surface, which is easy to take care of and will not hide dirt

classic Collocation: Chinese style and pastoral style are applicable

recommended crowd: this series introduces five new colors, from light to dark, suitable for all kinds of consumer groups

floor series: Sanshan floor Yipin 2 series fresh maple

product advantages: the surface adopts high gloss mirror technology, which makes the floor surface brighter, the wood grain sharper, higher gear, and good visual effect

classic Collocation: it is suitable for natural and casual American style room space, and can be matched with fresh and simple furniture

recommended group: health and environmental protection people who have a simple and casual lifestyle, love life and advocate nature

floor series: Sanshan floor Yipin 6 series

product advantages: the floor texture is clearer, the color is brighter, the hand feel is smooth and delicate, not solid wood, better than solid wood, the overall fashion and beauty, atmosphere, and a strong sense of space

classic Collocation: both European and Chinese style

recommended crowd: suitable for middle and high-end white-collar workers and domestic and foreign elites





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