The natural life of Daxigou in the beautiful Xiang

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Decoration owner files:

Community: Jinxiu Xiangjiang (more Jinxiu Xiangjiang decoration renderings) room type: duplex

building area: 216 square meters

decoration style: American Rural Garden (more styles)

soft decoration price: 4.2w

price includes: jewelry 1.9W + wallpaper 1.3W + other 1W

soft decoration design: Roman art home accessories soft decoration Museum consultation method: QQ 1685513355, mobile phone 15347059153

the designer told me,the, In fact, the wall surface is very important and plays a leading role in the visual impression of coming in. The granite wall reminds people of classicism, environmental protection and elegance, as if it were a rock beside a stream. The sofa with small flowers makes the whole living room full of idyllic feeling

I chose the durable mosaic for the TV background wall. The visual jump brought by the black-and-white lattice is very surprising, and the whole atmosphere is much more lively

for the log colored cabinet, it is necessary to put some classical ornaments in it. Try to choose a vase that is not so Chinese and put it just right

in the original Grand Valley, there are granite, forests, and of course, animals. This pony is vivid and very cute. A half open bar is built here. In this picturesque nature, it is suitable for twoorthree friends to drink XO or have tea here

let go of her daughter's favorite sika deer. Although the deer is a little fat, the chubby daughter loves it more. Red also adds some color here





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