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It is well known that the market prospect of doors and windows is broad. Because of this, many businesses are eager to step into this field, and the competition in the door and window market is becoming increasingly fierce. At present, it can be said that “ Tragic ” It's not too much to describe. Some new door and window brands continue to emerge. Due to the limited market share, there is a situation of more and less monks, and the pressure of door and window enterprises is increasing. In order to seize a place in the increasingly competitive market, door and window enterprises are aiming at the fine decoration “ Fragrant pastry &rdquo

as we all know, if we can cooperate with a large real estate developer, a project can make a small door and window enterprise eat half a year and improve the popularity of their products. Because of various strong relationships, more and more brand door and window enterprises have entered into fine decoration and invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to narrow the relationship with real estate developers

insiders told the author that as more and more consumers accept fine decoration, entering fine decoration is indeed another new growth point for door and window enterprises to obtain huge profits. However, the cooperation between door and window enterprises and real estate developers involves many factors, such as product quality, price, after-sales service, interpersonal relations and so on. It needs to be carefully planned in advance, and it should have strong strength. Therefore, entering the fine decoration field of brand doors and windows, like buying stocks, is a matter of high investment, high risk and high return





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