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The installation of water and electricity has always been the key point in the decoration construction process. The routing of water pipes for home decoration is a troublesome thing. We should consider the convenience of future use, as well as the convenience of construction, etc. if it is not well arranged, rework in the later stage will bring great inconvenience to our daily life. Then, how to arrange the water pipe routing? What are the rules for the routing of decoration water pipes? Now let's introduce the rules of water pipe routing for decoration

rule 1 of decoration water pipe routing: design positioning

decoration water pipe routing should reasonably determine the location and pipeline route of each water use point such as valve, faucet, shower and angle valve according to the actual use of kitchen and toilet, and draw lines for positioning

rule 2 for the routing of decoration water pipes: correct slotting

the depth of wall chiseling and ground trough should ensure that the concealed pipes are laid on the wall and ground, and the thickness of cement mortar sealing should meet the construction requirements of water pipes in their concealed grooves, and the water pipes should not be higher than the wall. The shorter the route, the better. The fewer elbows, the better. If you can use a 45 degree elbow, you don't need a 90 degree elbow. If you can walk in parallel, try not to use a bridge bend. The water pipe must be routed on the top to facilitate future maintenance and avoid the damage of the waterproof layer

rule 3 for the routing of decoration water pipes: pipe quality

the hot melt process of PPR pipes does not require the number of underground pipe joints. Because they survive as one, there are quite a lot of underground pipe joints, and the probability of more than oneortwo joints is the same. The key to the problem is the specification of joint process. In addition, the quality of water pipes should meet the standard

Rule 4 of decoration water pipe routing: convenience and beauty

the convenience and beauty of valve opening and closing should be considered in the discharge of concealed valve in the waterway. The position of the concealed valve should be based on the usage habits of the owner, combined with the cabinet drawing, and avoid the corner of the cabinet. When laying cold and hot water pipes, special attention should be paid to the hot up and cold down, hot on the left and cold on the right

the above is the rules of water pipe routing for decoration. You should know how to arrange water pipes after reading it

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it is said that from the perspective of Feng Shui, houses less than 120 square meters are small apartment types. Well, in big cities, many families have small houses. So, what are the inherent disadvantages of small family houses? How to layout home feng shui

many people think that rich people or large families will invite feng shui masters to see feng shui. In fact, small houses need to see "Feng Shui". What are the disadvantages of small houses, and how to solve them

first, insufficient Qi field affects physical and mental health

if the house is regarded as a person, the Qi field of the house is vital capacity. The house types of some buildings are different on each floor. Small houses are easy to be sucked away by the large houses next door. Psychologically, they lose to the big house, and they will also lose their development opportunities in interpersonal relations and business. Moreover, the small space has a small area, and the air that can be accommodated is thinner, which will also affect the body

crack method:

you can place some items of the town house on the gate or at the porch, such as crystal cave, natural crystal or gravel, black gallstone or magnet, etc. Many designers will also install spotlights in the porch, making the space bright will also improve the lack of aura. Usually, you should open more windows to keep the air flowing

second, light interference, lack of hierarchy in space

small family houses have a small area, so if a relatively bright lamp is installed, or when the sun shines in, it will run through the whole room without invisibility and form interference


this solution is very simple, multi-purpose lamps - all kinds of lamps. However, it is still recommended that you leave professional matters to professional people, and ask designers to help you design well. Different lamps and lanterns can create different atmospheres and divide different areas of the family. At the same time, we should install two layers of curtains for Chaoyang's room, one layer of translucent yarn curtains and one layer of curtains with better shading, so that people living in this way will be more comfortable

third, strong wind interference, easy to catch a cold

as just said, it is necessary to increase the air flow in small apartment rooms, but some houses are poor because of the apartment type, so when the wind pours into the home, it often "enters directly and comes out instantly". This strong flow is easy to take away popularity, but also gives people an uncomfortable feeling. The cold and warm weather of roller coasters like Hangzhou now is also easy to catch a cold and get sick

cracking method:

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