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The core problem of bathroom decoration is waterproof and moisture-proof, especially the hydropower project. Because it is a concealed project, special attention should be paid to the decoration. Wuhan home decoration network editor summarizes the matters needing attention in the water and electricity decoration of the bathroom for you, and teaches you to master the decoration skills

precautions for water and electricity decoration in the bathroom 1: the floor drain protection is not in place

pipes of different sizes need to be used in the decoration of the bathroom, and the characteristics of pipes with different functions are also different. When laying pipes in the water and electricity decoration of the bathroom, some small pipes are accidentally stepped off, causing material loss. Water pipe fracture is generally caused by unreasonable waterway laying or man-made reasons. Generally, the arrangement principle of water and electricity pipes is to walk on the top and not on the ground. Therefore, if there is a broken water pipe, it should be remedied in time to avoid affecting the later construction progress





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