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For Ms. Chang of Dahua platinum Washington, the biggest trouble now is to look at the decoration budget quotation given by the designer. 86 flat house, finally found a desirable decoration company, but this budget review, it is really difficult for experienced Ms. Chang. Fortunately, she signed up for the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, so now she can find a professional supervisor to help

the most important thing is whether there are omissions

many decoration companies first use a very low total price to attract owners to sign decoration contracts. Once they enter the construction stage, they will continue to put forward missing items in the early quotation to add project funds. The supervisor suggested that many decoration companies often deliberately omit some small projects, such as skirting, waterproofing, wall drilling, etc. the owner must pay attention when reviewing the budget quotation

secondly, we should pay attention to - the quotation is too general

take the unit price of the project as an example, the quotation that is good for the owner but not bad should include the main materials, auxiliary materials and labor. Because the owners are more and more smart, many material costs and labor costs are very transparent, so decoration companies will seek benefits in the way of "general quotation"

it often happens that the name and specification of materials are unknown

whether it is main materials or auxiliary materials, you know or don't know in the building materials market. Apart from the large price difference between brands, there are also great differences in the unit price of products of different specifications of the same brand. If the decoration company does not write down the specific data such as the name and specification of the materials used in the decoration budget quotation in the early stage, it is easy for the decoration company to "shoddy" and "steal beams and exchange columns" in the later construction stage

but now, there is no need to worry about these problems. Participate in the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, three decoration companies will measure your house for free, professional supervision masters will help you review the budget, check water and electricity, and scientific budget treasure will "calculate carefully" every penny for you





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