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Shopping: you can have both practical and beautiful cabinets

many young people will go to the exhibition hall for a walk after they see the cabinets of a certain brand, and then choose one of their favorite. After communicating with the designer, they will get a drawing. They think that they have finished the decoration, but they are far from what they expected. At that time, the colors that looked dazzling looked dark in the room; The whole cabinet is not easy to use and does not match

although the brand cabinets are very beautiful, we need to consider whether the style and function can meet our own kitchen. Because the style of the overall cabinet and the functional parts required by the kitchen are matched with each other and consistent with the style of the whole house, it is not a simple thing, so it is necessary to analyze which one I like and is suitable for my own home. For example, U-shaped cabinets are not suitable for the design of horizontal lines with relatively smooth lines. It is not recommended to use some kitchen cabinets with wide frames in small kitchens. Chinese kitchens are generally not suitable for kitchen cabinets with too high countertops or too complex knife shape on the door surface, which are difficult to clean

in addition, young people nowadays think too much about the color and beauty of the kitchen, while ignoring the most practical functionality. That is to say, when the cabinets entered the house, they found that many "unexpected" things had no place to put, such as various pots, staple foods, Juicers, small ovens...

finally, the selected cabinets were completely covered up by the disorderly placement. Therefore, the items that need to be stored in the kitchen include all kinds of pots, small household appliances, staple grains, all kinds of tableware, knives, condiments, etc. If you think too much about beauty, but waste space, there will be a lot of inconvenience in the future use. The style of the selected cabinet should be based on the premise of ensuring the storage function, and then consider the beauty

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