China donates printing equipment to Zambia

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China donates printing equipment to Zambia

the handover ceremony of the Chinese government donating advanced printing equipment to Zambia's government printing plant was held in Lusaka on the 4th

Chinese ambassador to Zambia Li Baodong and Zambian Minister of engineering and supply kapenbuwa simbao signed the handover text on behalf of their respective governments

At the handover ceremony, simbao thanked the Chinese government for its multifaceted assistance to Zambia over the years

the printing equipment donated by China includes three rotary printing brushes, one punching machine, one plate printer, one paper cutter and one sewing machine, with a total value of US $1.3 million. The Chinese side sent four technicians to the relevant personnel in Zambia for three months to avoid the instrument being under load for a long time

reprinted from: Xinhua News Agency

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