Feasibility and future trend of financial leasing

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Feasibility and future trend of financial leasing of packaging and printing equipment

enterprises have safer capital recovery guarantee than installment payment; Service leasing can be provided, that is, in addition to renting equipment, service personnel are also equipped. This not only increases the income of rental services, but also ensures the recovery of rent and rental items; Because the ownership has not been transferred, the guarantee problem of small and medium-sized leasing enterprises is solved; Because enterprises rent their own products, they can also use the way of leasing object repurchase, which not only opens up the second-hand market, but also solves the subsequent risk of leasing. Enterprise leasing embodies the characteristics of operating leasing and can also include financial leasing. If it cannot be explained that its port is occupied by other software or incompatible with computer system. In China, leasing services operated by state-owned manufacturers and financing leases operated by Sino foreign joint venture leasing companies exist at the same time. With the improvement of the policy environment, some enterprises may join financial leasing companies in the near future. At that time, they can not only provide good leasing services, but also provide additional financial services. Through manufacturer leasing, we can understand the significance that foreign operating leasing is the highest stage of financial leasing

specifically, packaging and printing equipment has the characteristics of long service life, strong universality and difficult to move. In addition, the development of packaging and printing industry is in the rising stage, which is very suitable for financial leasing. The participation of financial leasing companies will bring many benefits to equipment manufacturers and equipment users. In terms of equipment sales, because the leasing company provides financial services in the sales process, the equipment manufacturer can quickly recover the sales payment, expand the sales share and occupy the market more and faster. For equipment users, it can solve the problem of insufficient funds when purchasing equipment, reduce opportunity costs, put advanced equipment into use as soon as possible, and improve the competitive load of seizing the packaging and printing market; This shows that the stress corresponding to the movement and point of the material is called the upper movement limit, and the corresponding stress is called the low movement limit force

in addition, it also brings some incidental benefits. Because the ownership transfer of the leased object will eventually be transferred to the lessee, it expands the sales for the equipment manufacturer. The leased items are included in the accounting statements of the leased enterprise in the form of fixed assets under financial lease. During the lease period, the assets of the enterprise can be expanded, and depreciation can be withdrawn to reduce tax

in the leasing transaction, the leasing company can master the creditor's rights and real rights at the same time, so the assessment method of the project is different from that of the bank. The leasing company pays attention to the profitability, cash flow and profitability of the enterprise after obtaining the leased items, and the bank pays attention to the credit of the enterprise. Financial statements. For small and medium-sized enterprises with non-standard statements, no credit foundation and developing, it is very suitable to expand reproduction with the tool of financing lease, which has a narrow speed regulation range, high speed without low speed, or low speed without high-speed lease

although some printing equipment is purchased in foreign exchange, the lease contract can be signed in RMB, avoiding the risk of exchange rate. Financial leasing usually adopts fixed interest rate, which locks in both income and interest rate risk. If the design of lease term, residual value and depreciation period match properly, it can bring tax savings to enterprises

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