Consumers' supermarket shopping is pasted on the p

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Consumers' supermarket shopping is pasted on the packaging bag for 5000 yuan per day

now, in order to facilitate customers and maintain food hygiene, supermarkets put cooked food or bulk items in plastic bags, and then weigh, seal and label them, which is the practice of most supermarkets and shopping malls in Zhengzhou. However, in a call to this newspaper, some consumers pointed out that when supermarkets sell bulk food, they even include packaging bags. After investigating some supermarkets yesterday, it was found that this seemingly convenient practice for customers is actually an intentional or unintentional infringement of customers' rights and interests

yesterday morning, in a large supermarket near Huanghe Road and Wenhua Road, I asked a salesgirl, "the price on the label puts the sample in the two clamps of the experimental machine, does the weight of the plastic box for packaging include?" She made it clear that it did not include. Ask a salesperson holding a plastic bag of fruit in his hand to weigh the customer: "do you weigh the net weight of the fruit? Have you removed the weight of the plastic bag?" She said disdainfully, "what's good about a plastic bag?" It seems that she is the first time she has met a customer who asked to reduce the weight of plastic bags. Put the plastic bag on the electronic scale and weigh it: 4G. If the material testing machine continues to calculate the tensile fruit price of the standard tensile sample according to the water bought by the consumer, a plastic bag is worth about 0.1 yuan

during the visit, we also interviewed some customers who were busy shopping at random. Many people said they had not thought about this problem and felt that the weight of plastic bags "may not be worth mentioning" and "should be negligible". The survey shows that a large supermarket in Zhengzhou consumes nearly 100000 plastic bags of bulk food every day during the peak consumption period. In this way, according to the calculation of 0.05 yuan per bag, consumers spend 5000 yuan a day on these free "convenience bags", so the money for "selling" plastic bags in this supermarket alone is not a fraction a year. With so many supermarkets in Zhengzhou, how much do consumers have to "paste" on plastic bags a year

Wang Zhenan, a lawyer of Henan normative law firm, pointed out that it is necessary for supermarket operators to further establish the sense of integrity. Relevant departments should also take practical measures to further standardize the business behavior of businesses and safeguard the maximum rights and interests of consumers bit by bit

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